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Colorado Clownfish Swim Club |8310 West Coal Mine AveLittletonCO80123 | (303) 972-6200
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Kids ProgramsFrom 6 months and up, we have a program perfect for your kiddo! We focus on safety and continue to technique and efficiency, we have programs for all skill levels.
Adult SwimmersNever learned to swim? We can help! We have a class dedicated to adult swimmers to teach safety and technique. Contact us to learn more about our adult swim class!
Meet Our TeamOur team of experienced instructors know how to interact with children to provide fun and safe lessons for kids of all ages. Meet our team and get signed up today!

Swimming School Littleton Co

Are you looking for a safe, supportive, and enriching swimming school in Littleton, CO? At Colorado Clownfish Swim Club, we teach toddlers, children, and adults how to stay above water and master the art of swimming. Whether you need beginner swim lessons for your child, are an adult that never learned how to swim, or want more advanced swimming lessons, Colorado Clownfish Swim Club will help you learn and improve at aquatics.


Our family-owned and -operated swim school takes a different approach to teaching. We have a diverse team of swimming instructors who bring passion and knowledge to each teaching session. Our team understands how difficult it can be for first-time swimmers, especially children, so they help children deal with their fear of water and coach parents on how to help their children. However, our instructors will make sure your child has fun! Through our personal and collaborative approach, we turn each swimming lesson with your child into an exciting family occasion. At Colorado Clownfish Swim Club, we understand how important community, patience, and kindness are to helping newcomers learn how to swim so we keep you involved and work with you to help your child learn to swim.


Stop by our swimming pool or call us at (303) 972-6200 today to schedule a swimming lesson or to ask about our swimming club. 

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